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Renewable Energy Projects

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The U.S. renewable energy market is poised for significant growth over the next decade. Demand is high for contractors in the space, particularly wind and solar, as capacity continues to come online at scale. Capacity planning also continues to expand at an unprecedented pace.

Government and private sector developers in the wind and solar capacity generation space are active in all stages of engagement, including;

Execution and completion of projects underway

Near-term awards for funded projects

Negotiations for upcoming project planning, funding, and development

Numerous operations and maintenance contracts are also pending award.

The team of surety professionals at Anderson & Catania understands the unique requirements of contracting in the renewable energy space. Our team has the industry-tested knowledge and experience necessary to successfully guide our clients through the surety bond requirements for public and private solar and wind energy contracts of all scopes and sizes.

“We’ve partnered with surety underwriter who previously worked at a solar trade association and another surety underwriter who spent time working in finance for a U.S. solar contractor. We have the ability to distinguish renewal energy project risks from the risks associated with other types of construction projects. This deeper level of understanding allows us to be more comfortable extending surety bond support for larger projects and allows us to partner with companies experiencing rapid growth in the renewable energy sector.”

-Joe Catania
Co-Founder & CEO

We can provide help with:

Decommissioning bonds

EPC bonds

Bid/Performance/Payment bonds

Supply bonds

Maintenance bonds/Long Term Service Agreements

Decommissioning bonds

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) bonds

Advanced payment bonds

Interconnection bonds

The team at Anderson & Catania has over 30 years of experience working with public and private sector contractors in the renewable energy space. We are laser-focused on helping solar energy contractors make informed business decisions about their current and future opportunities.

Here’s what you can expect from the renewable energy professionals at Anderson & Catania:

Deep experiential knowledge of risk mitigation strategies in the solar contracting sector

Industry-tested surety bond solutions in the context of the entire solar energy contracting ecosystem

Access to a powerful, trusted network of solar industry expertise and tangential strategic business relationships in the space

What’s the bottom line? We empower solar contractors with the confidence and surety expertise needed to win contractors and unlock profitable opportunities in the renewal energy sector.


Contact the professionals at Anderson & Catania and let’s get to work.