Wilmington, DE Company Headquarters

Joe Catania, President

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Joe Catania

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707 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809


(302) 303-8414

Wilmington, Delaware, stands as a vibrant hub of economic activity and cultural diversity within the DELMARVA region. With a rich history as a center for banking, finance, and industry, Wilmington offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern innovation. The city's strategic location along the Delaware River has historically made it a key player in trade and commerce, attracting businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. Moreover, Wilmington's cultural scene, including theaters, museums, and festivals, reflects its diverse population and rich heritage. In the broader DELMARVA region, construction spending trends indicate a focus on infrastructure improvements, residential expansion, and commercial development to meet the growing needs of the area's population. As Wilmington continues to evolve as a dynamic economic and cultural center, construction activity in the DELMARVA region plays a crucial role in shaping its future growth and prosperity.

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