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We believe everything begins with aligning to our contractors' goals and aspirations. Every contractor has a compelling story that must be heard. We then go to work and leverage our deep surety knowledge, scale, and industry relationships to bulldoze obstacles to goal attainment.

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Government building under construction

Federal Contractors

Winning federal government business is exciting and profitable, and there are plenty of opportunities for construction firms to find success. Are you looking to grow your Federal market share?

Construction site with workers


The market size, measured by revenue, of the commercial building construction industry is $225.3 billion in 2022. Anderson & Catania can support you if you want to become or grow your commercial construction backlog.

New road construction underway


With over 100,000 unique government entities purchasing goods and services valued at nearly $1.5 trillion annually, the state, local and education (SLED) government market represents nearly 10% of the United States’ GDP. Let’s grow your share of this expanding market!

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Construction and Federal Contractors

Learn how Anderson & Catania can help you take advantage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which is offering $1 trillion worth of funds to build up our nation’s infrastructure.


“Chris Smith was the reason I went with A&C. I bought him and his genuine desire to help me. He kept pouring it on and he never stopped. He brought tremendous value before I could bring anything to him. He saw the potential. He made the investment. He also connected me.”

8(a) Federal Contractor, Southeast

“There have been no frustrations and we are comfortable and confident in the team at A&C”

General Contractor, Northeast

“You and your staff deliver very good service. You are very accessible, you’re very fair and realistic, and I really appreciate the honest feedback you provide. You tell it like it is.”

General Contractor, Northeast

“We've had so many wins working together.”

General Contractor, Southeast

“I followed Joe from his surety company underwriting days. The service provided at A&C is really good and always focused on the best interests of our business.”

General Contractor, Northeast

“For trust and honesty, there is no better agent.”

Preconstruction Services and General Contractor, Northeast

“Our bonding capacity was stagnating at our prior surety. We needed to expand our single limit and aggregate limit at least 3X. Creative thinking makes the world go round. The prior surety company was too black and white.”

Mechanical Contractor, Mid-Atlantic

“I was referred by another agent to you. The old agent assured me that you would work quickly to get us the best alternative. The previous agent was slow and cumbersome. You are very organized and everything on the service side has worked out great.”

Wrecking and Demolition Contractor, Mid-Atlantic

“You take a different approach. The last bonding agent treated us like he was doing us a favor. You guys were like how can we help you grow this business? The old bonding agent said "be happy with what you got." Your approach was like "hey looks like you've got something good going on here - let's grow."

Remediation, Decontamination & General Construction Contractor, Mid-Atlantic

“I know that I’m not your only bonding client, but you make me feel like I’m your only client. You’re always available and always offering ideas to help me improve and grow. You’ve been a huge part of my success.”

General Contractor, Southeast



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