Bid, Performance,
Payment and Supply Bonds

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Single Projects up to $600,000

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Single Projects and Aggregate Backlog Capacity from $600,000 to $5,000,000


Single Projects and Aggregate Backlog Capacity over $5,000,000

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Find the right surety bond

Find the right surety bond by working with the experts at Anderson & Catania. We partner with top quality surety companies to identify the best solution and then dedicate ourselves to working with you throughout the process.

Single Projects up to $600,000

Secure your bid, performance and payment bonds in minutes!

Anderson & Catania has extensive experience providing surety bonds for small and emerging contractors. The underwriting of bonds up to $600,000 is primarily credit-based. Our streamlined process allows for quick processing of your bond request with little underwriting information other than a simplified application.

Single Projects and Aggregate Backlog Capacity from $600,000 to $5,000,000.

Whether it’s for a single contract bond or frequent, more complex bond requirements, our surety professionals have the industry experience and passion for helping contractors like you realize profitable growth – no matter their size.

And as your projects grow, we adapt. We’re one of the few “bond-only” brokers dedicated solely to small and midsized contractors. Let’s get to work!

Single Projects and Aggregate Backlog Capacity over $5,000,000

We help you make informed decisions about surety bonding that can accelerate your success.

Since 1998, we’ve helped thousands of contractors effectively navigate the ever-changing surety bond marketplace and build supportive relationships with surety company decision-makers.

We believe our success is directly related to the continuing relationships we have with all of our clients, and helping them manage and monitor their continuing opportunities.

Let’s talk about your bonding needs before filling out any forms. We’ll work with you to streamline the underwriting process and speed up your desired bonding solution.


Contact the professionals at Anderson & Catania and let’s get to work.