our core values

Honesty. Respect. Teamwork. Communication.

At Anderson & Catania, these values aren't just words on a page – they are the essence of who we are. We firmly believe in the power of standing for something meaningful, because it's the foundation that keeps us grounded and guides us in everything we do.
Throughout our many years in the surety business, we've witnessed the unexpected and encountered challenges of all kinds. But instead of being discouraged, we've used those experiences to grow and improve. We understand the importance of adapting to a changing market landscape, helping our clients gain an edge, and navigating risks to uncover profitable opportunities.

While our strategies and approaches may evolve, there's one unwavering aspect of Anderson & Catania that our clients can always count on – our core values. These values are deeply ingrained within us and woven into the fabric of our business practices. They serve as the compass that drives us forward, earning the trust and loyalty of our clients year after year.

We believe that honesty builds strong relationships, and we are committed to being transparent and forthright in all our dealings. We value respect, treating everyone with dignity and consideration, knowing that collaboration and shared success stem from mutual respect. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our achievements, as we bring together our diverse skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Effective communication is at the heart of our interactions, ensuring clarity, understanding, and seamless collaboration.

When you choose Anderson & Catania, you're not just partnering with a company – you're connecting with a team of passionate professionals who genuinely care about your success. Our dedication to our core values sets us apart, and we invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

Let us stand by your side, supporting you every step of the way, because your trust and satisfaction mean the world to us.


We will never tell you what you want to hear, we will always be straightforward and forthright in our relationship and communications with you.


We respect and trust the integrity and ethics of each other, our clients, and our surety partnerships, personally and professionally.


With honesty and respect woven into every fabric of our business practices, we’re able to leverage the industry’s most resourceful minds and relevant solutions for the benefit of our clients.


Our team’s communications with our clients are based on honesty, respect, integrity, and the highest professional and ethical standards.


Contact the professionals at Anderson & Catania and let’s get to work.