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SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees surety bonds for select surety companies. The SBA guarantees allow these surety companies to offer surety bonds to small businesses that might not meet the traditional criteria for other sureties.

Anderson & Catania is a nationally authorized agent for the U.S. SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program - and we can help your small business secure a SBA guaranteed surety bond, and use that approval to grow and secure a bright future.

Gemma Fendler, Senior Surety Specialist

Gemma Fendler

SBA Surety Bond Specialist
(610) 638-6756

Bond Guarantee Fee

All performance and payment bond guarantees require small businesses to pay the SBA a fee of .6% of the contract price. If for some reason the bond is cancelled or not issued, the SBA will return the guarantee fee. The SBA does not charge a fee for bid bond guarantees. This SBA fee is in addition to the bond premium charged by the underlying surety company.


Be a small business

Have a small contract

Pass evaluation

SBA’s underwriting tools include:

SBA will count bank line of credit availability towards working capital, something that no surety company does! Further, SBA will consider aggregate bonding program capacity of up to 20x analyzed working capital. The conventional general rule of thumb among standard sureties is 10x analyzed working capital and net worth for subcontractors and 15X for general contractors.

SBA will offer bond guarantees for startups! The SBA “Quick App” program allows bonding of single size projects up to $400,000 with essentially little or no underwriting information. However, the surety company may run personal credit reports. Other “standard” sureties often “cap” a startup company that’s been in business for less than a year to bonding up to $100,000 single/aggregate.

SBA will consider companies with negative net worth and only takes into account working capital. They do not look at a company’s net worth.

Small businesses and principals are SBA eligible immediately after a judge issues a bankruptcy discharge order. Surety requirements may be different.

SBA will consider open liens for past due taxes and other public debts if the principal has established an installment plan and is current on all payments.


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