When you say, “I want to do more,” our answer is, “So do we.”

It’s not uncommon for a contractor to experience exponential growth and profitability while partnering with Anderson & Catania. Over an 18-month period, The Principal at Midwest general construction company realized 349% top line growth and 626% growth in business net worth after moving his surety bond business to Anderson & Catania. This Principal said “I know I am not your only bonding client, but you make me feel as I’m the only contractor you serve - you’re constantly thinking about my business and offering ideas to help me improve the business. You’ve been a big part of my success.”

For over three decades, Anderson & Catania has been working with our clients to help them seize profitable project opportunities by providing them with the knowledge and relationships needed to support informed business decision making.



Our passion is focusing on our clients’ business dreams and working with them to obtain a clear picture of where they are, and where they want to go. We start every relationship by discussing their plans and strategies, and then we take a serious look at how to smash through obstacles and accelerate goal achievement.

We know that your job is servicing clients while completing projects on time and on budget. Our job at Anderson & Catania is to offer you every resource needed to support the capture and the management of your ongoing business opportunities. We lean on the surety companies we’ve partnered with for decades - and because of our successful track record, we have the ability to recommend a surety company we believe will help you create your best future.

We’ve helped thousands of contractors seize opportunities across domestic and international markets and within nearly every industrial sector. We’ve also assisted countless individuals.


Anderson & Catania’s team is led by the founders, and their dedication to service and relationship building enables us to remove business obstacles for you, unleashing your entrepreneurial energy.

Whatever type of surety bond assistance you need, Anderson & Catania is primed and ready to help you realize your dreams.

Contact the professionals at Anderson & Catania and let’s get to work.


Contact the professionals at Anderson & Catania and let’s get to work.