Can My Passion for the Construction Industry Help Me Secure a Surety Bond?

Donzaleigh Powell, surety consultant at Anderson & Catania Surety Services, LLC, emphasizes the important role passion and relationship-building play in a construction company securing a surety bond.

(video transcript)

Telling your personal story is an important part of building a supportive surety relationship. Bonding is not just about your company’s balance sheet, although that’s important.

What’s your “Why”?

Why did you start your business?

Is it leaving a legacy?

What motivates you as a leader of the company?

What differentiates your business from others in the marketplace?

And why are you passionate about your trade?

Always remember that your surety relationship is founded on trust. Communicating your “why” truly helps surety underwriters better understand your background and your ability to lead your company to the next level. It also helps to convey your leadership skills and your ability to do the hard work whenever problems arise.

You have the ability to have a positive impact on the outlook of your business.

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