What special talents and qualities do you always expect to see in successful construction company owners and operators?

Episode 39-Richard Anderson-Anderson and Catania

In the surety services business, we often marvel at contractors who gain a high level of success in the ultra-competitive construction industry. We’ve been serving our construction company clients with their surety bonding needs for over three decades. And we never cease to be amazed at the qualities that construction company owner-operators demonstrate—day after day…

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When Do Underbillings Become a Concern for Bonding Companies?

An underbilling can be caused by something as simple as missing a billing cycle or as significant as an omission on a project estimate, and a lot of things in between. But underbillings can become an issue that causes your bonding company to raise a red flag. So when does an underbilling become an issue…

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Can an Owner or Shareholder Distribution Impact My Bonding Capacity?

Construction company owners and shareholders often ask us about the impact of shareholder distributions on bonding capacity. And the answer may surprise you. In the past, shareholder distributions were often viewed negatively by surety companies. But things have changed in recent years.  So what do you need to know about distributions in today’s world of…

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What Do Insurance Companies, Banks, and Surety Companies Have in Common?

What do insurance companies, banks, and surety companies have in common?

Banking, insurance, and surety companies are all critically important relationships for construction companies. There are subtle differences in the relationships to be sure, but they are also closely interrelated. For example, a company’s bank line of credit can have a significant impact on its ability to get bonded.  Working capital, bank LOC, operating income, and…

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How Do I Know if my Bonding Company is Financially Stable?

How Do I Know if my Bonding Company is Financially Stable

Anderson & Catania Surety Services has access to over 40 surety bond companies. Richard G. Anderson, CEO of Anderson & Catania Surety Services LLC, discusses why having this expansive access to the bonding marketplace puts AC Surety at an advantage and how contractors can determine if their bonding company is financially stable. How do contractors…

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How is a Surety Broker Different from a Commercial Insurance Broker?

How is a Surety Broker Different from a Commercial Insurance Broker

Brent Headley, Surety Account Executive at Anderson & Catania Surety Services LLC, discusses how surety brokers differ from commercial insurance brokers. What do you find most satisfying about your contractor relationships? “I’ve become good friends with many of my clients,” Brent says. “As with any friend, you want to see them be successful and be…

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