How is Anderson & Catania Surety Services Differentiated from Other Surety Brokers/Insurance Agents?

Richard G. Anderson, CEO of Anderson & Catania Surety Services LLC, explains how the firm distinguishes itself from other bond service companies while helping its national and international clients.

How many surety companies does A&C represent?

We represent 38 sureties.

How many years of experience do the surety professionals at A&C bring to their customers?

Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience in assisting clients to confidently make decisions regarding surety bonding.

What industries does A&C serve?

Anderson & Catania serves the construction, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, nonprofits, and other industries.

What size companies does A&C serve?

We serve companies ranging from startups to large, privately held companies and public companies.

Where territory does A&C serve?

Although our main office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, we service all 50 states and international clients.

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(video transcript)

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times what differentiates Anderson & Catania Surety Services from other surety bond agents and/or insurance agencies. There is no doubt that our organization is focused on the client’s needs.

We have to be sensitive to the vision of our contractor clients of what they want to do, what they want to achieve and guide them with our experience and wisdom that we have gathered over the years, in order to help guide them and hopefully enhance their corporate goals.

With that information and good communication, we can then go to the surety bond marketplace of which we directly represent over 40 different surety bond markets and focus on those markets that have the best chance of providing surety bond support for the contractor’s goals.

But the contractor’s needs come first and if we are not focused on that we do not have a chance to retain that contractor’s business. Because one of the things that we always try to keep in mind is no matter what we have done for our contractor clients.

Even if we did something terrific 5 minutes ago for them in providing surety bond support, the single most important bond that we have to write is the next bond.