Accounts Receivable Collections-Real Stories from Real Contractors!

Anderson & Catania Co-Founder, Richard Anderson, offers another inspiring AR collection story from the front lines!

We love helping our contractor clients find the perfect surety solution. We also like to help them in any other way we can, like assistance with collecting their hard-earned money! Have any of you ever had trouble collecting an invoice for a job well done?

Richard helped this Philadelphia contractor collect on an invoice for a small job, with very little effort. When it comes to credit and collections, invoice size doesn’t matter, because they all add up! You can use some straightforward techniques to get your money quickly and without spending much time in the process.

Sit back and relax for ninety seconds and listen to some timely advice on how to collect your “uncollectable” invoices from today’s “Ask the Surety Pro” expert, Anderson & Catania Co-Founder, Richard Anderson.