Anderson & Catania Surety Services Welcomes Donzaleigh Powell

Meet Donzaleigh Powell! From Nashville, Tennessee, she joins Anderson & Catania Surety Services, bringing her longstanding relationships with subcontractors, prime contractors, project owners, and construction industry decision-makers to the team.

Joseph Catania: Hello! I’m Joe Catania, president of Anderson & Catania Surety Services and on behalf of our company we’d like to welcome Donzaleigh Powell, coming to us from Nashville, Tennessee, to help expand our footprint. And we just want to talk about Donzaleigh and her experience and what she brings as far as, you know, working for the airport authority and her connections with contractors and helping pre-qualify small to medium to start-up contractors.

We’re very excited about her coming on board and, without further ado…

Donzaleigh Powell: Yes! So, thank you, Joe. I appreciate it. I will say that I am super excited about this opportunity.

As far as my background, it has been mostly workforce development and business development, but I’ve always tried my best to play a major role in connection. That’s one of the things that I’m passionate about. I want to make sure, whether it’s a prime contractor, small business, community agency…people need to be able to kind of have that win-win, so to speak, and I love being the one to help get those resources to them and get them connected. I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Richard Anderson: Very good. I’m Richard Anderson. I’m the CEO of Anderson & Catania Surety Services and, again, to reiterate, we’re very excited to have Donzaleigh join our team. The aspects of connecting, marketing, helping people dovetails perfectly with the philosophy of surety bonding at Anderson & Catania.

We have been in existence for over 30 years. We directly represent 38 different surety bond markets. We are not beholden to insurance or insurance programs because we do specialize in surety bonding and we have to make sure we’re doing the best that we possibly can for a contractor and potential contractor client to help them meet their business goals, to help them with their future growth, and to help them steer through the ever-changing world of contracting and relationships with surety companies.

So, again, we are very excited and welcome aboard!

Donzaleigh Powell: Thank you. Thank you so much. I really think that this is the perfect opportunity in this area. From what I’ve seen, a lot of our contractors, especially maybe the smaller businesses that are, you know, they’re playing in the game but maybe could play a little bit bigger, they’re not getting the specialized attention. They’re not getting someone that’s a bond-only and able to provide more strategy, more ways of coaching and things like that for them that they really need that can help catapult them way further than just getting that 3,000 view and making sure that they’re able to be successful and grow in their business. I thank you for coming this way because it will help my community as well.

Chris Smith: I love hearing this. I’m Chris Smith. I’m a surety broker at Anderson & Catania Surety Services and I am working in Nashville now and, Donzaleigh, I just look forward to strengthening our market position, helping contractors.

Would you give us a snapshot of what the Nashville marketplace looks like in terms of building activity, in terms of overall attractiveness?

Donzaleigh Powell: Sure. So, most people are pretty aware now that Nashville and surrounding areas have become the “it” city, so we have lots of large, huge corporations that are coming here. We have lots of people that are also just coming just because they like the Nashville vibe, so to speak. They like how much we have to do here. And a lot of times it’s more economical than possibly where they’re coming from. We welcome them. So, as we have more and more companies and more people coming, of course, there’s lots of building going on and I will say, right now even in the middle of a pandemic, the cranes are everywhere. If you look at our Nashville skyline, there are literally everywhere you turn your head, you can see a crane or building popping up that wasn’t there, you know, a month or two months ago. The construction has not slowed down here right now. I’m looking forward to all the opportunities that brings to this city.

Joseph Catania: Well again, thanks again Donzaleigh. You know Rich and I are very excited in our agency and looking forward to supporting you.  You and Chris both make a great team and have networked a lot and we hope to be a part of the Nashville vibe also, expanding our agency to the south.

Donzaleigh Powell: All right! Thank you so much.