How is a Surety Broker Different from a Commercial Insurance Broker?

Brent Headley, Surety Account Executive at Anderson & Catania Surety Services LLC, discusses how surety brokers differ from commercial insurance brokers.

What do you find most satisfying about your contractor relationships?

“I’ve become good friends with many of my clients,” Brent says. “As with any friend, you want to see them be successful and be there for any of their needs.”

This means being there for contractors professionally, personally, or otherwise.

How do you meet the relationship needs of both a surety company and a contractor simultaneously?

“I’m a relationship builder, making sure the contractor and the surety are comfortable with each other. I find that matching the personalities of the contractor and the surety underwriter is critical,” Brent adds.

What words come to mind characterizing your best business relationships?

Trustworthiness, confidence, and time. 

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(video transcript)

I think that’s one of the most important questions in the surety industries and in handling surety bonds with contractors.

Surety is a relationship. It’s a…a lot of times it’s a personal relationship that you have with the underwriters and then you have a personal relationship with your contractor clients.

You have to build a relationship with the surety underwriters and the people behind them to make sure that they feel comfortable with you as an organization. The more they get to know you over the years, the better process, the better service you’re going to get from them.

At the same time, your contractors are ones that you see personal business, you see their financial statements, you know personal information about them behind the scenes. So, they need to feel comfortable with you. And then you use both of those relationships and you meld the two together to provide the best surety program and the most comfortable process in getting their bonds.