Does the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program (SBG) Evaluate Working Capital the Same Way as Traditional Surety Bonding Companies?

The need for surety bonding is a critical necessity for contractors to participate in government and commercial contracting at all levels. But how can small and mid-sized contractors get bonded when traditional Surety Companies say no?

The good news is there are some exceptional Federal programs available for contractors who lack experience with surety bonding and don’t have existing relationships with bonding companies.

One of those programs is the Surety Bond Guarantee Program (SBG) from the SBA. It could be a game-changer for your contracting business.

With all of the work out there currently, and more on the way, you can’t afford to miss a contract award due to bonding requirements that are beyond your current bonding limits. 

Find out more in this 90-second video from Gemma Fendler, Senior Surety Specialist at Anderson & Catania Surety Services, LLC. 

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