How Should I Describe the Talent of My Key Employees to a Surety Company?

Donzaleigh Powell, a surety consultant at Anderson & Catania Surety Services, LLC, offers tips on how to best highlight the skills of your contractors to a surety company.

(video transcript)

We suggest maintaining updated resumes and bios of your key employees. As you look to grow evaluate your team. Does someone have experience with the type of project that you looking to do? Another suggestion is to create detailed summaries of your past projects. Think about how your organization has been able to perform in past jobs. Were they completed? Were they timely? And how can you showcase that information? Are you able to provide an organizational chart to help your bonding company understand your company structure and the flow of responsibilities? Lastly, start building a relationship and being open to scheduling time to do introductions of key staff and the team. We recommend having these touch-base meetings approximately twice a year.

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