My Credit Score Has taken a Hit During the Pandemic. How Do Poor Credit Scores Impact Access to Bonding?

Donzaleigh Powell of Anderson & Catania Surety Services offers some encouraging advice to those whose credit has been hit hard by the pandemic, or who may have low credit scores in general.

What personal credit scores are considered acceptable to surety companies? 

We don’t always get an exact score range, but generally, FICO scores 650 or higher will be considered favorably.

Are surety bond programs available to help me while I work on repairing my personal and/or business credit scores?

Yes, some sureties will consider lower scores in the context of an explanation and a plan for improving the scores within a known timeframe.  It’s best to be upfront and explain what events led to the poor score and what action you’ve taken or will take to repair the score.  

Where do I go to get professional help to improve my credit scores? 

We recommend you talk to the credit professionals at Cure My Score. For a nominal fee, you can quickly understand which factors are negatively impacting your personal and business credit scores and set up a recovery plan.

Contact our surety bond specialists at, or give us a call to learn more!

(video transcript)

Let’s begin with transparency because it is necessary in the bonding relationship. It is so much better to be honest about issues, even if they’re negative.

Items such as your personal credit, company credit, cash flow will always be held at the highest level of confidentiality. People want to know that you’re genuine and the things that you care about, so don’t be afraid to talk openly about your challenges.

Our commitment to you is to work through the problems and find the path that’s right for you.