What special talents and qualities do you always expect to see in successful construction company owners and operators?

In the surety services business, we often marvel at contractors who gain a high level of success in the ultra-competitive construction industry.

We’ve been serving our construction company clients with their surety bonding needs for over three decades. And we never cease to be amazed at the qualities that construction company owner-operators demonstrate—day after day & year after year.  

These entrepreneurs are courageous, smart, tough, business people who take calculated, carefully evaluated risks every time they bid on a project. 

They need to have a unique understanding of finance, supply chain management, human resources, project management, banking, insurance, and more.  

Owner-operators also have to be incredibly astute at predicting workforce productivity. They’re experts at leveraging that productivity to make a profit while keeping their valued employees satisfied and busy, through the tough times and the busy times.

But what’s the most important quality?

Let’s find out. Check out this 90-second video from Richard Anderson, Co-Founder at Anderson & Catania Surety Services, LLC.