Surety Bond Pro Discusses Effective, Sure-Fire Accounts Receivable Management Strategy

Anyone who has ever had an ownership position in a business knows how stressful and challenging accounts receivable can be. Construction companies are uniquely aware of these challenges. 

Almost half of all new businesses will fail in the first five years of operation. And this is often caused by poor AR collection practices, especially in the construction industry.

Contractors understand the challenges: Come on too strong, and you might lose a client. Don’t push hard enough, and you might not get paid! 

So before you go to court or start the mechanic’s lien process, you’ll want to hear from our Co-Founder, Richard Anderson. He’s going to share some thoughts on AR collections and an interesting anecdote that you’ll enjoy. It’s time to sit back and check out our two-minute AR collections video. You might even have a good laugh!