Why is My Bonding Company Asking for a Continuity Plan?

Surety bond companies need to know that projects will be completed in the event of an untimely death, extended absence, or disability of a construction company owner or key employee(s).

Without a continuity plan in place, the unexpected loss of a key owner or employee(s) can create a chaotic situation for contractors and potentially their families as well. 

A bonding company is always concerned with the long-term viability of a bonded contractor. But at Anderson & Catania, we also want our valued clients to have a continuity framework in place. 

This framework, known as a continuity plan, can protect your company and your family should something unexpected happen to you or one or more key personnel.

How can you create a continuity plan and what does that process look like?

If your bonding company is asking you for a continuity plan, and you don’t have one in place, don’t miss the latest 90-second episode of “Ask the Surety Pro.” Senior Surety Specialist Gemma Fendler weighs in with informative, timely advice.